Cross-chain native swaps made possible

The first decentralized cross-chain liquidity network


Decentralized, anonymous, oracle-free
bridge between blockchains

THORChain is a groundbreaking technology that allows for fully decentralized swaps between any supported blockchain, and earns yield from native assets.

Always Green.
Always Safe.
Impermanent Loss Protection

THORChain will insure liquidity providers against impermanent loss.

Network Effects

The network is run by dozens of anonymous node operators who bond RUNE and are rewarded for their services. Attempting to fork and bootstrap a clone would be a difficult task to achieve.

High Yield

The design of the network ruthlessly maximizes revenue for liquidity providers and node operators.

Appreciating Asset

RUNE is required to be paired as a settlement asset 1:1 in pools. But the network's economic design causes the value of RUNE to increase with liquidity depth.


Trust numbers, not promises

The THORChain protocol is totally transparent -- you can verify its solvency for yourself. View the nodes that run the network, the vaults that they host, and the total value locked in the network.

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Community-driven development

The THORChain project is made up of a team of core developers, but is augmented by a enormous community that has built various tools that provide resources for the community.

THORChain Explorer

View the status of the network, node health, value locked, and more.

Simulate profit and loss for various pools.

Visualize liquidity positions, rewards, and total percent gain versus holding.


A network asset that accrues protocol value

The RUNE network asset plays a crucial role in the THORChain ecosystem. It's not a governence token -- it's the settlement asset that enables liquidity across pairs, and is bonded to secure the network.

Incentive Pendulum

A balance between bonded and pooled RUNE is key to a secure and liquid network. If the network is under-bonded, node operators are incentivized to increase their bonds, if it’s over-bonded, liquidity providers are incentivized to pool more assets.

Deterministic Token Value

The price of RUNE is deterministic — since the network requires it to be bonded 2:1 by node operators, and paired 1:1 with pooled assets by liquidity providers, the market cap of RUNE is at least 3x the TVL of non-RUNE assets.

High Yield

The combination of the various economic incentives result in a network that produces high APY for both node operators and liquidity providers.

Slip-Based Fee

A liquidity-sensitive slip-based fee solves many issues — including bootstrapping shallow pools, discouraging dust and sandwich attacks, and forcing high volume/frequency traders to pay their fair share.

Continuous Liquitity Pools

The use of a CLP allows for many benefits, such as the ability to sense prices without an oracle. Simply by knowing the asset depth in pools, the network is able to determine price while arbitrageurs ensure the rate is inline with current market conditions.

Verifiable Solvency

The value locked in bond, vaults, and pools is easily verified. Node operators could steal from a value they host, but they would loose their bond — which is worth much more than the vault. View the list of nodes and pools.


Cross chain swaps are just the beginning

At its core, THORChain is a cross-chain liquidity network. But the design of the protocol enables much more than just swaps -- synths, composites, self-paying loans -- anything is possible.

Binance Chain Chaosnet is currently live on BEPSwap. This network is single-chain and allows users to trade and pool BNB assets. It will be depreciated with the release of multi-chain chaosnet.
Multi-Chain Testnet is currently live at ASGARDEX. This is the pre-release cross-chain network that allows users to swap native testnet assets across chains.
Multi-Chain Chaosnet is imminent. MCCN is the culmunation of years of development effort, and will be the first working decentralized cross-chain liquidity network to exist.
Multi-Chain Mainnet will be announced once Chaosnet has been deemed stable.
Many future features are in the planning stages, including a suite of "ThorFi" products including the following:
  • Lending
  • Composite Assets
  • Synthetic Assets
  • Leveraged Trading

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